Summer takes a huge toll on both motorists and vehicles, making it the most challenging season to drive around the city. The scorching temperatures can fade the paint on your car, wear down the engine faster and make it unbearable to sit in until the AC cools down.

To keep your car cool throughout the season, consider the following tips:

Park under the shade. Doing this can make a huge difference in your comfort as being under the shade can cool the temperatures in the interior ten to fifteen degrees or more.

Open the windows a bit before starting the car. This will help ventilate the car instead of having hot air or steam build up inside it. Offering the same effects of a green house, opening up the windows will allow more air to let out of the car.

Use a sun shade or have your car tinted. – This is available in different materials and colors and is a great way to block the sun. If you want a permanent sun blocking alternative, you can consider window tinting. Here in Dubai, there are a number of workshops to choose from that offer car window tinting services.

Park in the garage rather than in the street. – Don’t be lazy. Take note that it is still better to park your car in the garage than in the street as it will protect your car from the elements.

These are just some of the simple tricks on how to keep your car cooler in the summer. By following them, you will feel more comfortable and enjoy your journey even more.

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