Want to transform your drive into a masterful experience? The 2017 Cadillac CTS was born to make that possible with innovative technology, luxurious craftsmanship, and brilliant performance.


Tested on Germany’s popular Nürburgring track to adjust its agility and evaluate its performance, the CTS boasts responsive handling, incredible acceleration, and precise brake feel for a powerful drive. It is equipped with 2.0L turbo 4-cylinder that cranks out 268 hp and delivers up to 30-highway-mpg2. There is also a 3.6L V6 engine that takes your drive to the next level by delivering 335 hp and offering smooth acceleration. In addition, for greater efficiency, both engines come with Auto Stop/Start technology and an 8-speed automatic transmission for responsive shifting.


If there’s one word to describe the interior of the CTS, that is “wow”. With a range of interior environments and materials to choose from such as carbon fiber, aluminum and real wood trim, you can tailor this luxury sedan to your tastes and preferences. No matter what your choice, you can rest assured that these materials will beautifully harmonize to bring out the best in your cabin.

Here are the features that will make your journey worthwhile, entertaining and comfortable.

  • Customizable 12.3″ LCD Display – This enables you to see information such as entertainment and navigation within the full-color, HD cluster.


  • Adaptive Remote Start – This feature makes life easier by enabling the engine to be started up to 100 yards away. Plus, it can detect outside temperatures to activate the proper cabin climate control.


  • Ambient Interior Lighting – Highlighting the cabin’s posh craftsmanship, the lighting further adds a touch of luxury in the CTS.


  • Tri-Zone Climate Control – Experience supreme comfort by adjusting air temperatures individually.


  • 20-Way Adjustable Seats – Customize your comfort with the 20-way adjustable front seats, which come with manual thigh support and power-adjustable seatback bolsters designed to keep both the driver and front passenger comfortable. In cold weather, the heated front and rear seats provide passengers with the much needed calming warmth.


The CTS is packed with advanced technology systems that deliver efficiency as well as provide convenience and personalization.

Here are some of the technologies that will redefine your driving experience:


  • Cadillac User Experience (CUE) – CUE Phone Integration with Apple CarPlay compatibility enables CUE Phone Integration with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility enables you to access Apple Music, your contacts and other information from your iPhone with just a touch of the screen.


  • Head-Up Display – Thanks to this feature, which projects audio, speed, navigation and other information onto the front windshield, you can always stay focused and informed in every journey.


  • Bose Sound – With a choice of sound systems, you can indulge in great audio experience. The 11-speaker Bose sound system plays music with clarity while the 13-speaker Bose Surround Sound system boasts Centerpoint surround technology. For a richer listening experience, both options come with Active Noise Cancellation technology.


  • Surround Vision – Providing a bird’s-eye view of the area surrounding the vehicle, it is designed to boost your awareness whether you are parking or in reverse.


  • Wireless Charging – This standard feature enables you to power your device anytime the car is running, irrespective if it needs a wireless charging accessory or has wireless charging built-in.


  • OnStar with 4G LTE – Thanks to OnStar and built-in WiFi hotspot, you can connect up to seven devices at 4G LTE speed even up to 50 feet away. Isn’t that amazing?


  • Rear Camera Mirror – This brilliant piece of technology streams HD video of what’s behind you. What makes it extra special is that it offers 300 percent more vision than a standard one, and reverts back to a traditional mirror with just a single touch.

Loaded with the most advanced systems and features, there’s always something great to look forward to in the 2017 Cadillac CTS. Drive it today and experience American carmaking craftsmanship at its finest!

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