Jaguar is the undisputed icon of automotive prestige, making it one of the dream cars of many. If you are one of them, you should go for a pre-owned one as it is a cost-effective way to enjoy luxury driving without spending all your hard-earned cash. However, before you visit your trusted dealership and close the deal, there are some things you need to keep in mind.

You will experience the best of both worlds when you get behind the wheel of this British creation as it delivers excellent performance and unparalleled interior luxury. With a range of varieties available, such as XJ, XF, and F Type, you will be able to choose the one that perfectly suits your lifestyle and budget.

Tricks to a Successful Used Car Buying Experience

  • Whichever used Jaguar you choose, you need to go into the process prepared. Begin by searching online to narrow your list down to three or four cars you want to check out.
  • Ensure to have the history report of each car and have a hard copy on hand when you visit the dealership. If you can’t get it in advance, the salesperson can do it for you.
  • You should also set a budget so as to find the car that you can afford. Even if the dealership is offering flexible finance options, never overspend for a car that will give you a hard time paying.
  • It is also critical to take your chosen Jaguar for a test drive to get a feel of its handling and performance. Check under the hood and inspect the interior to ensure that it looks perfectly fine. If you have a friend who is knowledgeable when it comes to cars, it would be wise to take them with you when you visit the dealership of your choice.
  • Apart from the overall condition of the car, you also need to check its mileage as it determines whether the car has received regular servicing. If the mileage of your chosen car is below 130,000km, it is healthy.
  • Moreover, examine the engine block for any dark brown stains as it is a major red flag. The brake fluid must be clear or yellowish, but will most probably be light brown. Plus, transmission fluid must be clear and there must be no signs of rust.

These are just some of the things that you need to take note of if you want to ensure a successful used car buying experience. Visit us today and choose from our wide variety of Jaguar options!